Counter Culture Hero

I didn’t think I had any heroes. Then I found out today that George Carlin died. His comedy and commentary were a large influence on me. I consider him a sort of counter-culture hero. His critique and analysis of the culture’s use of language in particular was always thought-provoking and honest. He was a true “smart” comedian. He took whatever was popular and dissected it for its true motives and history. I didn’t always agree with his conclusions, or enjoy his foul-mouthed delivery, but he is a hero to me for wanting to find the truth and speaking it boldly.

I was lucky to see him in concert a couple of years ago in Bakersfield, CA. He was looking pretty frail then at 70, though gruff and witty as ever, and it was awesome seeing him in person. It was like when I drove to Modesto and got to see Suzy Powell compete in the discus throw. She, like George Carlin, was someone I had admired and whose actions I had imitated. It was emotional to see them both in person.

Thanks, George, for being a light in the world. You are a legend and your voice will be missed.