Chaos and Not Proselytizing

“A cluttered room is a cluttered mind.”

Everyone knows that to be true. And judging from the state of my bedroom, it’s a miracle I can even organize a sentence right now.

I’m not even sure what New Age thinking is, all I know is it had a bad connotation in the religious circles I grew up in. So if I start to sound too New-Agey, hopefully someone will let me know.

I’m starting to understand some things about chaos & order. I’m chewing on some ancient theories, actually, that state that reality is what you think it to be. In the simplest form, chaos in your mind leads to chaos in your life, like my cluttered room. The Ancient Egyptians believed that humans were supposed to create order in the world. I think this means to keep a healthy, ordered, and optimistic perspective on life, and life will appear to you more healthy, ordered, and optimistic. I can certainly validate this in my own life, so I’m testing it out in my observations of others who view life as more chaotic.

On to not proselytizing. The most valuable lesson I took away from my yoga training was to share thoughts & ideas with others for the purpose of enlightenment, rather than persuasion. Maybe it’s my evangelical roots that keep me down. I recall being a mere 5 years old and carrying a mini bible around to my friends’ houses, trying to convince them (in all sincerity) that they should accept Jesus as their Savior because I didn’t want them to go to hell.

But I realize now that nobody wants a lecture from someone who is “right.” Nobody wants to be persuaded. Nobody wants to be wrong, or wants to change their mind. So I’m learning how to walk that line between sharing things I’m passionate about for the sake of love and connecting, versus for the sake of “look what I know,” or “you should think the same way I think.” So little of what we have to share is original. Truth is always truth, and it shines most brightly through those that are pure and clear of alterior motives. No need for pride, convincing, or persuading. Just share.