California Consciousness

I about died when my housemate showed me this song he learned when he first met his wife at Harbin Hot Springs here in Northern California. I gotta get out of here before the California Consciousness completely takes over!

Select verses from “California Consciousness” By Barbara Diggs & Rich Love, 1984, From Harbin With More Love Songbook

Here in California, it ain’t all silk and lace.
There’s just too many people here, looking for their space.
I try real hard, but you know that it gets tougher every day.
To sit and talk to people, and get just what they say.

But my consciousness is getting tough and I’m really quite aware
Of the energy that flows through me since I’ve learned how to share.
I’ve learned how to hug and kiss and fill my needs
And how to last in a hot tub, at a “101” degrees.

Well I’ve tried EST and Esalen, TA and ESP.
I bought myself a Mantra, and learned astrology.
I’ve got myself two analysts, I do psychotherapy.
and every morning you can find me doing Yoga and Tai Chi.

My health food friends advised me my routine was doomed to fail.
A body full of poison locks the mind up in a jail.
Carrot juice and exercise, right thoughts to raise my mood.
And a ten week class to learn to grow and cook organic food.

My friends back home they ask me “Does it really work for you?”
My parents tell the neighbors it’s a phase I’m going through.
But California Consciousness will cure me in the end.
So if you’ve got a hot tub, call me up, I’ll be your friend.

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15 years ago

Love it :-)