Brain dump

I’ve been making a ton of FluffyCo bags recently so my motivation to post things has diminished as I stave off RSI, heh.

Having lived with chronic, well, chronic-users nearly all my time in the Bay Area has me thinking more about drugs and their effect on the brain. I’m grateful for my generally pleasant disposition. I’m grateful for my generally very upbeat brain chemistry. Life is not usually a dark place for me. But I’ve been to those dark places, with and without the use of serotonin and dopamine-altering chemicals, and it makes me even more grateful for my natural state of being, which is basically a natural, mild high.

I read recently about mushrooms’ long-term effects on brain chemistry, including the increased prevalence of synesthesia and, ahem, gravitation toward an appreciation of the arts (both of which I have had long before any altered experiences.)

My natural synesthesia was very strong today, which was fun and awesome. Although, living in the Bay Area, you get exposed to so much second-hand MJ smoke on a regular basis during festivals, concerts, walking down the sidewalk, and through housemates, etc., that you can start to wonder what your baseline exposure really is, and how much brain chemistry is altered chronically.

I don’t feel worried about it, especially as long as my decision-making abilities and self-reflection/self-talk seem to be balanced and intact. I’m not sure the clinical definition of mental health, but I suppose it involves having things generally going well in your life, balanced mood states, etc.

My forearms are starting to bug me so that’s probably all for now. G’night.