Here’s an interesting article I happened upon while researching Celtic cross meanings last night:

Atheist Satanists Want Your Soul

It’s about YouTubers videotaping their blasphemist statements against the holy spirit. I don’t know that I would take my non-faith to this publicly-disrespectful of a level, but it is interesting to see the Christian reaction to such stunts these days.

I side toward comedian George Carlin’s more gentle blasphemy in one of his routines:

“There is no God. In fact, I can prove it to you. If there is a God, may he strike this audience dead…*pause, nervous laughter*…Okay, I’ll raise the stakes…If there is a God, may he strike ME dead.” [fyi, George Carlin is still NOT dead]

It all points to the fact that atheists have been coming out in force lately, which is the reason for this blog post. You may recall the recent honor paid to the most distinguished atheist in Government. He is a Californian, of course, who has served many terms in public service. It is amazing to me that it’s still news on television when someone is “outed” for being a non-believer in God. It gives me hope that when I come of age to contribute in the public sector, that people might understand that it is possible to have good, Christ-like values AND be an atheist. It’s possible to follow the fundamental precepts of Christ without the bogus literal interpretations of devils, brimstone, flying angels and a translucent, glowing Trinity.

Faith, Hope, and Love…and the greatest is??? Nope, not Faith.

It’s scary to think that we live in a time when some people would rather put their trust in anyone who professes a faith in God than in someone who doubts or declares himself an atheist but shows decency and Love.

I must also note that it seems there are so few Christians in the national spotlight who are living noble, transparent lives. I can’t think of one. If they don’t have a tumbling & embarassing fall from grace, it seems that most public figures who speak of God always seem to have something troubling lurking beneath the surface. Most of the time it smells like guilt, fear, power-mongering, or ignorance, and that troubles me! It is hard to trust someone when their declaration of faith feels like a cover for something else.

I’m not saying there aren’t any sincere Christians out there, but I’m still waiting to hear from one who hasn’t put Faith in God because of Guilt (want for redemption), Fear (don’t want to go to hell, fear of the unknown), Ignorance (grew up with a faith of their parents/society, they like the community/traditions, etc. & never seriously considered not-believing), or for Power/Manipulative reasons (think Inquisition, David Koresh, Pat Robertson, Kool-Aid, etc.).

That may sound very cynical, I suppose, and this may be a narcissistic post in a way, because I feel I’ve escaped my own trappings of fear & ignorance to leave the fanatic cult of Christianity. But all we have is OUR experience, right? You can take Christina out of Christianity, but you can’t take the Christian out of Christina, or there will be nothing left….whoa. Huh?

Anyway, just some thoughts for the night. Though it is a devisive topic, even between myself & people I love, I think the rise of atheism is a sign in these times and deserves some cyber-space in my blog.

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17 years ago

I just had to let you know that I don’t believe that I decided to follow Christ because of any of those reasons. I’ve actually thought about this a lot. Guilt was what kept me from accepting him for quite a while. Growing up Catholic, I know all about guilt and fear. Here’s an interesting view: What if I’m wrong and there is no God? I’m still dead and rotting in the end. What if you’re wrong?… Chrissy you know I love you and that I am not judging. We’ve had these debates face to face, too. You are generally more articulate than I am and I know I’ll never change your mind, but you know I won’t let it go either. :) Love ya!