The Beauty of Baptism

What miracles we miss out on when we are constantly worried about our survival, worried about what others think, etc. Today I finally understand the beauty of baptism under water. What a wonderful symbol for sending you back to the womb, when you were surrounded in fluid, all your needs were perfectly met as if by magic.

If we could remember that although we appear separate, there is constant support for our existence. You are surrounded by air which keeps you alive. There is light from the sun which produces nutrients when it hits your skin. There are connecting energy fields that tie us all to one another on this planet. We are tied via our communication channels, by our thoughts, which create energy waves, which, when produce action, affect others directly.

Life is a force to be reckoned with on this planet. We humans are one of its strongest manifestations in our time. We have the energy of the universe supporting our existence, if only for a brief time. We must trust that our best interests are also the universe’s best interests, and that other humans and life forms are here to make us stronger. The Earth is our new womb.

The other option is that other life forms are out to kill us, but why spend your time worrying about that? Religion has evolved to keep our faith in the universe strong, and now atheism is evolving to keep religious nuts from killing everyone.

Let’s all just take a deep breath, and go back to that time, underwater, when you were nestled in perfect warmth and comfort, trusting fully that all your needs would be provided for. Now, go out and live as if all your needs are already met, today. If that feels too heavy a load to remove, then perhaps you need to say what you need to say, and do what you need to do, to eliminate any feelings of not having done enough, said enough, etc. Chances are you will be a much more happy, productive, and prosperous contributor to society.