Back to Basics

It is amazing that the last
Two legs
The conservatives are standing on
Are sexual and reproductive "morals"

Think of what that means…
An election so important
That even if he is right about
Everything else
He is threatening our coersion of
One another to
Reproduce without limit and fill the earth
With copies of our imperfect

Are we that unevolved to still
Think that propogating our genes
To the next generation
Is all that really matters?
So moved by our fondness for babies
To believe contented gay lovers must be sinners
In need of reprogramming
And an aborted pregnancy demands punishment?

This is as simple as you can get.
And I’m not interested in simple.

God’s plan is full of randomness,
Violence, distortion,
Pain and confusion.

Most times it feels like we are swept up in a tide of events we had no control over;
We face dilemmas we could never have imagined for ourselves.
Then we watch ourselves act in our own theaters.
We boo, we applaud, we laugh, we cry
We wonder if there is a lesson anywhere in the movie.

I still wonder.

For all my reasoning,
All I know is what I feel
And half of that is false

But when the poets
And the saints
And the prophets
And the leaders that inspire us
All beat the same drum
It resonates
With the selfish parasite within us all
Called life.