A Beckoning

I can’t imagine what God is preparing for me
Those mysterious ways
Have stretched my heart to its widest

I’m so ready to give and receive
Where are you? And how has life tested you?
How have you arrived at me
More ready to make Love with me than any man before?

And if life really is what the women say it is:
A series of undeniable nudgings and signposts along a preordained path of enlightenment,
This is surely good timing.

My confusion is for my probing
Your pain is for your pondering
God has given us this time
So that we may know our deepest desires
And purify ourselves of our deepest flaws

Arrive at me knowing what your heart is capable of
We need a common understanding of Love
So that we may never retreat away from each other into the dark corners of our hearts

I want to pulse off you
So we can amplify
And fill our world with
Light, Laughter, and Love