7 Birthday Wishes

I have a list of wishes for my birthday:

1) K-12 Education Reform: Use Brooklyn Free School (http://brooklynfreeschool.org/) as a template for a democratic school system that empowers our youth to be responsible and active members of society. Fortify sex education to include relationship education (respectful communication, emotion control and development, self and mind awareness education). Teach nutrition and serve high-quality school lunches. Fortify art, music, and sports programs.

2) Health Reform: Improve national welfare and economy by ending sickness and profit economy of preventable hospitalization and prescription drug use. End preventable disease and hospital stays with proper nutrition education and easy access to free checkup clinics. END FDA catering to regulated industries, or create separate agency to produce food guidelines. Current nutrition information needs to be made widely accessible, via phone apps, etc. Do away with FDA food pyramid. Socialize grocery stores, Or require clear distinction between "food" and "food products." Do not allow community-run grocery stores to carry packaged or processed foods.

3) Sustainable farming, ranching, organic-only, non-gmo mandate. Bee protection policies. Stop using food for energy.

4) End war on drugs. Regulate and license growers. Educate and certify experts in responsible drug use.

5) Treat people in prisons as humans. Heavy focus on rehabilitation. End solitary confinement. Make sentences labor-related with psychological improvement guidelines for release.

6) End oil economy by taxing oil products at actual cost to environment.

7) Update public transit systems across the country. Accommodate for bicycles and shared vehicles, scooters, buses etc.

I have a few more, but will have to post later…

C'mon America, give a girl a happy birthday!

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13 years ago

That is a good list girl. On the school education reform, I think one thing that is increasingly relevant today is environmental awareness, would love to see that :)