I’m glad to humbly & cautiously report that some doors may be opening for me. I got the news of 2 offers on my Bakersfield home, so I’ll know in a few days if that will go through. People are really responding to the last price cut I made. And I had a nice interview today with a company that works on fascinating federal government challenges in security & intelligence (and that’s probably all I will ever blog about that, or I’d have to kill you)! My house sold and a steady part-time job would be the best presents I could get for Christmas. I’m looking forward to 2007!

Random thoughts:
55 degrees and sunny on December 20th, disgusting! Also, felt my first San Francisco earthquake a few minutes ago. Apparently it was a 3.8 or 3.6 centered to the east of Berkeley, so no tsunamis today. My roommate noted that if it had centered offshore we’d probably want to evacuate the island! I happen to know that an ocean earthquake could never produce a tsunami greater than 20 feet tall, however, that’s tall enough for me to not want to stay in my 2nd story bedroom!