i’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. I just left a concert with 30 seconds to mars and angels & airwaves (photos of the theater above). I was very impressed with aaa. they talked passionately about being yourself and taking chances, something I really relate to at present. their sound reminds me of switchfoot, a sound only produced along the california coast. it is a little angst, but mostly breezy, sunny, passionate vocals that dance in and out like waves on the beach and soar up like sunrays reaching into the sky from a cloudy ocean sunset. 30 stm, on the other hand, slightly disappointed. they bring a little too much ‘buy our stuff’ hollywood bs to the shows, and not enough of the polished performance that made me fall in love with their sound 5 years ago. for me, going to their concerts or watching their videos is like having to watch the movie after really enjoying the book. but i’m still enraptured by their music.

i’ve been thinking about global warming. like i’m still waiting for someone to say something intelligent AND compelling about it. oprah said what really hit home for her in al gore’s an inconvenient truth was the polar bears drowning. seriously? no offense to polar bears, but it’s going to take more than that message to change energy habits.

i’ve been thinking about romantic relationships, and why we are all raised to believe love is easy, when everyone knows it isn’t. and wondering why our parents & friends try so hard to protect us from pain, when the truth is that growth only comes from walking through pain.