The America you see now is a shaky house built on a strong foundation.

We wanted to be free. We wanted to be fair. We wanted a small government.

Then we were blessed with resources beyond our imaginations. Fertile soils, rushing rivers, gold, oil, coal, and hard-working, adventurous people.

We were offered the apple, and the traitor robber barons with green-lensed glasses put a fence around the tree. Conservation be damned; today’s dollars are worth more than tomorrow’s.

We didn’t have the laws to prevent it, so we added them, and grew the government a little larger to enforce them. And the larger it got, the easier it was to buy a slice here or there.

So how do we get back on track?

How far do we tear down the walls and with what do we re-build?

Must we always fight the "me" versus "we"? What is the right size of government needed to protect freedom? To protect us from ourselves?

We recognize now we are not free. We must now fight the enemy among us. The enemy that plays by our rules. We gave up our freedoms long before the Patriot Act. We permitted their greed hoping we’d get a slice at the end of the day.

But the rich got richer, and greed bred greed. I’ll be happy when…I make enough money to live off the interest.

How can you be happy while your neighbor suffers?