I went back into the house about 4 times to grab things I had missed. On one trip in, daddy had the baby on his lap, and along with grandma they were watching a YouTube video of a couple guys with leaf blowers blowing leaves.

I apologized to the baby and told her I’d make it up to her when I got back.

My first stop was for a chai latte for the drive. My second stop was in Maine, at a homey-looking roadside thrift store. They were having a half-off sale, presumably for Black Friday. A platter of small powdered donuts and apple cider greeted patrons in the entryway. I picked up several items: a couple large necklaces, an infinity scarf, a vertical landscape painting of birch, fir trees, and a distant mountain, a banana holder for the kitchen, corn holders, a poinsettia table runner, an old woven basket for the guest room, and a couple washable bus and car toys for the baby. I helped myself to a donut on the way out.

This visit has me thinking we should do a lower-carbon Christmas by gifting mostly second-hand items. I’ll propose it and see if the family will go along!

There are so many cute shops and businesses along the way to my destination—antique stores, restaurants, flower shops, gift shops, chocolate and ice cream stores. It’s definitely very “Christina,” which is a good omen for this Christina weekend getaway.

I may add to this post later. Settling in to my AirBnb and doing my first vacation breast pump, as the sun is starting to set going on 4:00 p.m.