See the Art in me – Chemistry

I put on some Jars of Clay today for old-time’s sake: “Our hearts, a bubble maker’s dream – moved on by winds of everything.” That is pretty much how I’ve been feeling lately–moved by winds of everything–while trying to figure out what to do with my life.

I got some new clues as to the direction of my life’s work today, while having a lovely lunch with my cousin Bekka in Laguna Beach. She was interested in what I liked about Chemistry/Chemical Engineering.

I told her I loved the philosophical nature of the subject–that you are dealing with a lot of theories, abstract concepts, and things you can’t see with the naked eye, yet affect your life in so many ways. I was (and am) particularly fascinated with the Chemistry of food’s interaction with the body (nutrition), our Chemical reactions to our world (love/attraction, energy flow between people/animals/objects), and with Chemical reactions between humans and their environment, particularly poisonous ones (trash burning producing carcinogenic dioxins, for example, or urinated prescription drugs contaminating surface/drinking water).

This simple discussion opened my eyes to why my current oilfield job wasn’t completely satisfying to me…it didn’t allow me to indulge in any of these subjects as part of my work. However, I picked up valuable skills in my three years here–project management and communication, which will help me in my future endeavors. I think massage makes sense to me as a next step…as it physically encourages chemical reactions in the body and allows me to continue my study of human energy interaction in the context of client/therapist relationships. The discussion made me feel like I am on the right track.

As for the other Jars of Clay lyrics I enjoyed today: “I plead to everyone: See the Art in me.”

I love this statement, and to me it means that we ARE art – each one of us comprised of unique life experiences, evolutionary adaptations, thoughts and intentions, and perfect as-is, simply because we exist. You don’t have to like every piece of art you come across, but you must respect that each one is a living expression of the universal energy, and therefore equally worthy and valuable as you, yourself, are.