20/20 Eye Experiment Update: A Lesson in Miracles

Today was a breakthrough day in my education about vision restoration.

I came to the realization that, when not wearing corrective lenses, I have to consciously choose to “look” at blurry objects AS IF I COULD SEE THEM CLEARLY, without strain. There is a subtle distinction here between looking with hope that you can see, and looking with confidence that you are already healed and can see perfectly. I had a good 2-3 mintes of perfect vision, which caused me to bawl my eyes out on the subway train in gratitude. In public. Like a crazy person.

The rest of the day was a constant challenge to see as if I already had perfect sight.

I learned this from my foot experiment: every step has to be as if you were healthy and normally functioning: that’s like 10,000-20,000 conscious movements per day. With the eyes, that number of conscious moments is exponentially increased, which is why it is much more difficult to change your vision than the structure of your feet.

But now I know that it is possible. I suspect my experiment may actually succeed this month, stay tuned. 20/20 in 20 more days…