2011-01-25 EDIA Meeting Notes

Salesforce.com will soon be largest employer in san fran

$26billion deficit, 51% to approve budget in March slashing $13billion (may affect redevelopment of blighted areas), voters to approve $13billion in revenue in June

First $13B – redevelopment, cuts to CSU, in-home services, welfare childcare for work,

Second $13B – K12 education cuts

Revenue: Oil severance tax in most states, change tax system on high income individuals

Republicans want to cater to rich, dems want to cater to poor

Not enough general funds for local money for safety, health services

Local governments to be given ability to raise sales taxes to cover local services

Patti-parking ideas: smaller cars? Creative permitting?
-many more tenants in residential neighborhoods

You can park in front of someone's garage as long as they are not using it as a garage/passageway (i.e. Garage is full).