Wonderful Food

I’ve been privileged to have some very wonderful food near where I work. Today I’m eating lunch at a Nicaraguan restaurant, literally the first open restaurant my hungry belly found closest to work. The picture shows what I’m drinking, a delightful seedy drink called Chia. Also had some very tasty meat porridge and fried plantains here.

Yesterday I had tropical ice cream (mango and a flavor I’ve never heard of) served in a coconut shell with banana slices, whip cream, nuts, & a cherry on top, from Mitchell’s. I’ve also frequented a place that makes Indian pizza, and the crust is the best crust I’ve ever eaten, not to mention the super-tasty toppings.

Yes, I am a happy camper lately! A huge benefit of living in a diverse city like this is the diversity of different food available. Yum, wonderful.