You were sewn from an infinite thread
That’s why Love keeps tugging at your heart
The Lover misses you
When you’re lonely
Come back!

Don’t you remember
Getting everything you wanted?
You still do!

Desire is a powerful magnet
So be careful what you wish for
Run it up the flagpole
Make a list and check it twice
When the nets you cast return empty
Or brim full of surprises

Push on, little human
You’ve got a job to do on this planet
And you’re just now learning to aim this big gun

Even the boys know it’s about trust and surrender
And retiring from your post
As general manager of the universe

When are you going to quit your job
And start showing up for work?

The world needs your pink afro
Your penchant for threesomes, stupid jokes, and mushroom honey
Why else would it ask you to be born?

Use your glorious mind to imagine doing the only thing the universe asks you to do: Thrive, thrive, thrive!