Montana, Moodiness, and Movies

A few update thoughts during my last night in Bozeman, MT:

I added 2 new poems under Random Inspirations. The most recent one is about music & dance, and the older one down the page is one I had written previously but discarded. Poetry generally only happens when I’m feeling low or moody.

I realized my moodiness this week has been the result of lack of exercise. I went to the gym this morning for structured exercise for the first time in about 4 weeks. I had gotten sick with a fever, cough, etc. a month ago and hadn’t felt like exercising, and just couldn’t get motivated to set a routine again once I felt better. My mood was 180 degrees better today after exercise.

I’m also considering becoming the new spokesperson for Airborne. This would have been an extremely vulnerable week for me to get sick (already feeling rundown with sniffles, family I was visiting was sick, airplane flights, etc.) but I’ve taken an Airborne tablet daily, upped my water intake, and I have no signs of becoming ill again. Yipee!

Finally, Forrest Whittaker made an powerful & insightful acceptance speech tonight at the Academy Awards. For me, it summed up the reason people become actors, or create blogs, for that matter….It’s the need to connect with others. Some people, through nature or nurture, just have a strong need to feel connected , or make a connection, to everyone and everything in the universe. Making movies is the ultimate expression of that need: it allows actors to connect first with a character, and in doing so, connect with millions of audience members through film. You could tell it hit the actors & actresses in the audience as truth (as opposed to his other thoughts on his version of god and reincarnation!).

My time in Montana has been too short, and I hate to leave already. It was comforting to talk with old friends and be in a familiar place. But I’m feeling up for the challenge of the city and of relationships, and to getting into a routine that includes more exercise. Buenas noches, amigos.