Love Addict

I fell in love with you
All over again
Like I was seeing you for the first time
Drinking in from a distance
The hard lines of your face
The thoughts that must wrestle

Your gentle, dreamy rare smile
That turns up your mouth
Your biceps and warm body against me
As we danced out in the sun
My heart as it broke all over again
At the distance that I had created

Feeling Sorry
My rejection was not of your love
Our love is deep and pure
But a need to shut out the world again
So I could remember who I am, what I do

You set me sailing on this new course
But I had to exhaust what love was not
It was not for disappearing into

Your love draws me in so close
I just never want to leave
Like a junkie I keep coming back
When I should be out doing some good

And your strength to refuse me
It hurts
It’s detox
I seethe and I fight it with words that might sting
But I’ll thank you
When I can finally stand with you in my own.