When I was young
The stories made sense.
The lessons were clear.
The entertainment was pure.
The more I learned
The more critical I became,
Lest I seem foolish.
I reasoned and dissected
And sorted fact and fiction
According to what I 'knew.'
But Alas,
The more I learned
The less I knew.
And I came back to my child
For knowledge built on reason is
But a house on shifting ground
I've seen facts come and go.
What was the last great fact after the earth is round and we are not the center of the universe?
Don't bore me with your new facts,
Fool's gold.
Science is finite and I'm a skeptic that it can tell us anything we really need to know.
Yes it is useful, like the Neanderthal's tools.
Chip away at this disease.
Keep you from playing the lottery.
But leaning on science for all your answers is a limitation.
You will only be as wise as the number of theories in your pocket.
Know that everything you need to know is all around you.
Science is a magnifying lens through which we explore a part of the whole.
But the possibilities and joy are endless through the eyes of a child.
As I change, so do my theories.
But the infinite is infinite.
Thank God.

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Janet Roper
Janet Roper
16 years ago

Wow – powerful post. I had chills running up and down my back as I was reading it.

Could we talk about the possibility of putting this as a guest post on my blog, or at the least linking to this site?

Thanks for your unique perspective!
janet Roper